January 31, 2024

The Food Research & Action Center (FRAC) recently named Salaam Bhatti as its Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) director. In this position, Salaam wields his expertise on SNAP, previous experience as public benefits attorney and deputy director of the Virginia Poverty Law Center (VPLC), and lived experience in poverty to advance policies to protect and strengthen SNAP, including advocating for a strong Farm Bill that strengthens benefit adequacy and equitable access to the program.

In this video, FRAC’s Chief Program Officer, Kelly Horton joins Salaam in a conversation on how his previous experiences advocating for SNAP informs his work, FRAC’s SNAP goals in protecting and strengthening SNAP benefit adequacy and equitable access to the program, and how advocates can get involved.


  • See FRAC’s Road to the Farm Bill page for Farm Bill basics, priority legislation, and action items for advocates as we enter the home stretch of the Farm Bill process.
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Relevant Legislation

  • The Improving Access to Nutrition Act (H.R. 1510/S. 2435) would end harsh and arbitrary time limits on SNAP benefits for certain individuals and allow them to access the food, nutrition, and overall health benefits provided by the program. Bill highlights, House and Senate sponsors.
  • The Closing the Meal Gap Act (H.R. 3037/S. 1336) would base SNAP benefit allotments on the more adequate Low-Cost Food Plan, boost SNAP benefits for families with children forced to choose between food and shelter, increase benefits for older adults forced to choose between food and medicine, raise the SNAP minimum monthly benefit, and improve equitable access by extending SNAP to Puerto Rico (replacing the current block-granted Nutrition Assistance Program). Bill highlightsHouse and Senate cosponsors.
  • The Enhance Access to SNAP Act (EATS) (H.R. 3183/S. 1488) would eliminate the barriers that college students face when accessing SNAP. Bill highlights, House and Senate cosponsors.
  • The Hot Foods Act (H.R. 3519/S. 2258) would end the prohibition on use of SNAP benefits to purchase hot prepared foods from food retailers. Bill highlights, House and Senate cosponsors.
  • The Lift the Bar Act (H.R. 4170/S. 2038) would eliminate the five-year bar (waiting period) for legal permanent immigrants to access SNAP and other federal programs. Bill highlightsHouse and Senate cosponsors.
  • The Restore Act (H.R. 3479/S. 1753) would repeal the lifetime federal ban on individuals with felony drug convictions from receiving SNAP. Bill highlightsHouse and Senate cosponsors.