Jan 18, 2022

National Day of Racial Healing

FRAC President

This National Day of Racial Healing, we acknowledge the historic and current harms caused by racism, and the critical role conversations and relationships play in efforts to create a more fair and equitable society.

Dec 22, 2021

How Would the Child Nutrition Provisions in the Build Back Better Act Help your State

Child Nutrition Policy Analyst

FRAC and the Center on Budget and Policies Priorities’ new state fact sheets detail the positive impact the Build Back Better Act would have on child nutrition in every state. The $10 billion investment would allow more schools to offer free breakfast and lunch to all of their students through the Community Eligibility Provision and would create a nationwide Summer EBT program to help close the summer hunger gap.

Dec 16, 2021

Massachusetts Law Prohibits “Meal Shaming” Practices

In August 2017, the Massachusetts Law Reform Institute (MLRI) received a call from a social services agency north of Boston. A rising eighth-grader had contacted the agency because he thought his high school would not let him start school after Labor Day unless his mother paid off $220 in unpaid meal debt. His mother was severely disabled and not fluent in English. The 13-year-old was calling for help, advocating for himself.

MLRI learned that the district was “only” denying his participation in extracurricular activities like sports until his mom paid the $220. When digging further, MLRI discovered that the district had failed to directly certify the teen for free school meal status. He was getting Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) benefits the entire time the meal debt was accruing but a school district administrative error never picked him up, subjecting him to harsh school meal debt policies. Thus began MLRI’s quest to never let another child suffer the indignities of unpaid meal debt.

Dec 15, 2021

It’s Important to Let Those Recovering From Disasters Know All the Aid They Can Request

Legal/Food Stamp Director

After the terrible December 2021 tornadoes ripped through communities in states, including Arkansas, Illinois, Kentucky, and Tennessee,, the Biden administration has pledged to get help to those affected by the disaster.
The FRAC Advocate’s Guide to Disaster SNAP and our disaster page provide stakeholders with information on identifying how federal nutrition programs can assist in recovery. A new resource page provides updates on developments for aid to the communities hit hard by the December 2021 tornadoes.