Summer Electronic Benefit Transfer (Summer EBT) will begin in the summer of 2024 and will provide money on a new or existing EBT card to help supplement summer meals programs for students who are free or reduced-price eligible.

Summer EBT Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q1: What is Summer EBT?
    A1: Summer EBT is a program established by Congress in December of 2022 that will provide approximately $40 a month per eligible child during the summer months to supplement summer meal sites. Monthly benefit for Alaska, Hawaii, and the Territories can be seen here. 

    Families will receive money on an EBT card to purchase groceries at approved retailers during the summer months.

  • Q2: When does Summer EBT start?
    A2: Summer EBT begins in the Summer of 2024. 
  • Q3: Who qualifies for Summer EBT?
    A3: Any child who is directly certified for free school meals (through programs such as SNAP, TANF, or Medicaid (in states that have adopted Medicaid direct cert)) or who has been applied for free or reduced-price school meals and has been deemed eligible will qualify.  

    If your student attends a Community Eligibility or Provision 2 school and is not directly certified through another benefits program, you will need to apply through your state.   

    For more information on eligibility, please see our Eligibility Guide.

  • Q4: Does Summer EBT replace Summer Meal Sites?
    A4: No. Summer EBT and the Summer Nutrition Program are complementary programs. Eligible families are encouraged to take advantage of both programs.  
  • Q5: Does this count against me under public charge?
    A5: No, it does not. Using P-EBT benefits does not impact you or your child’s immigration status. The public charge rule does not apply to P-EBT benefits. 
  • Q6: Where can I find more information?
    A6: More information from FRAC can be found at the bottom of the page, and more information from USDA can be found on their Summer EBT website.
  • Q7: Is my state participating in Summer 2024?
    A7: To see if your state has submitted a notice of intent, visit USDA’s website.

FRAC Resources on Summer EBT

The Pandemic EBT program concludes after Summer 2023. Access FRAC’s resources on Pandemic EBT.