FRAC’s Campaign to End Childhood Hunger began in 1991. It is a movement of people from all walks of life and vocations whose common mission is ending hunger among our nation’s children.

The Campaign is ensuring that children from families with low incomes are getting the food they need to be healthy and productive by achieving large gains in feeding children in communities across the U.S. The campaign plays a key role in expanding the availability of SNAP, school meals, afterschool and summer meals, WIC, and the Child and Adult Care Food Program.

Working with key anti-hunger groups in every state, the Campaign:

    • educates the public on the extent, causes, and solutions to hunger;
    • promotes increased government and private sector response to childhood hunger;
    • uses the media to inform and educate;
    • engages in ground breaking research on childhood hunger and poverty;
    • conducts national and statewide conferences and skill-building training sessions;
    • strengthens local coalitions;
    • produces and distributes educational materials; and
    • shares information and ideas using computer networks and other technologies.

The Campaign to End Childhood Hunger is forging new partnerships, creating new opportunities, and searching for long-term strategies to ensure that children don’t go hungry in this country.