Topic: Child Tax Credit

The Child Tax Credit: An Opportunity for Anti-Hunger Stakeholders to Address Root Causes of Hunger

Director of Root Causes and Specific Populations

Ensuring that no one in America goes hungry is foundational to health, education, well-being, national security, economic priorities, and a more equitable America.

The Child Tax Credit (CTC) expansion included in the American Rescue Plan was a critical investment to address root causes of hunger–most notably poverty–and racial disparities. From July to December 2021, advanced monthly payments of the CTC provided families with a lifeline, which allowed them to put food on the table; pay housing expenses, debts, and childcare; and supplement lost wages due to the pandemic.

Strengthening and Expanding the Child Tax Credit: A Key Investment to End Hunger

The American Rescue Plan makes significant advancements to help families struggling with hunger, including expanding the Child Tax Credit. Join this sign-on letter, led by the Children’s Defense Fund and the Center for the Study of Social Policy, to urge the administration to make the Child Tax Credit investments permanent and ensure this benefit would reach all children who need it. State and national organizations can sign on by March 26 to show support for alleviating child poverty and reducing racial inequities.