FRAC’s live-feed provides updates on how federal nutrition programs are responding to meet the needs of those affected by Hurricane Harvey, Hurricane Irma, and the West Coast wildfires. Be sure to visit also our special Disaster Relief web page.

September 16

Schools in affected areas of Florida will provide free school meals to students through October 20, via the National School Lunch Program. Sites operating summer meals can also provide free food during any unanticipated school closures that might occur throughout the year.

State social services in Texas are allowing displaced Hurricane Harvey survivors to apply for Disaster Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (D-SNAP) benefits outside of their home counties. An additional seven counties have been rendered eligible for nutrition assistance through D-SNAP.

September 13

People in counties impacted by Hurricane Harvey in Texas can begin applying for benefits through D-SNAP. Eligible households will receive two months of benefits through the program.

SNAP recipients in the U.S. Virgin Islands have the ability to buy hot foods with existing benefits through November 13.

September 10

Ahead of Hurricane Irma’s landfall, Georgia issued clients’ remaining SNAP benefits for September, earlier than previously scheduled.

September 7

Florida, the first state to be hit by the approaching Hurricane Irma, allowed SNAP benefit recipients to access September benefits early. Authorities also approved a hot food waiver to increase access to readily available food.

In Oregon, Summer Food Service Program sites can now operate congregate meal services on days where wildfires compromise air quality.

September 5 

Before Hurricane Irma hit, Puerto Rico provided all SNAP recipients with September benefits.

September 1

Louisiana recalculated Community Eligibility participant percentages in order to expand school meals in the wake of Hurricane Harvey.

SNAP recipients in Texas counties affected by Hurricane Harvey had September benefits loaded automatically on their Lone Star cards.

August 29

Houston started supplying school meals – breakfast, lunch, and afterschool – for free to all available students through September 30th, thanks to community eligibility.