More than 3,000 Organizations Demonstrate Their Support to Safeguard the Federal Nutrition Programs in a Letter to President Trump and Congress

The letter urges ensuring a strong and effective national nutrition safety net for vulnerable, low-income individuals and families. See current list of signers (pdf).

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  • 2018 Farm Bill letter to House and Senate Budget and Appropriations Committees
    FRAC is proud to have played a leadership role in developing and garnering support for this letter (pdf) urging the House and Senate Budget and Appropriations Committees not to “hinder development and passage of the 2018 Farm Bill with further cuts.”
  • SNAP Support Letters - 115th Congress: An Open Letter to...
    Congress and the Administration

    State Delegations

    • The California letter (pdf) details why the federal nutrition programs are so critical and the severe consequences of cutting the funding for these programs.
    • The Massachusetts letter (pdf) outlines who benefits from the federal nutrition programs and why protecting and defending the current structure of the programs is so important.
    • The New York letter addresses how vital access to the federal nutrition programs are and urges the New York delegation to protect the programs from any structural changes.

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