What you NEED TO KNOW about Hunger

One in Seven Americans in Households Struggling Against Hunger

New USDA data shows 17.5 million American households struggled against hunger in 2013. “It is up to our nation’s leaders...to make sure that workers can earn family supporting wages, and that income supports and nutrition assistance programs reach more people in need and provide more adequate benefits,” said Jim Weill, president of the Food Research and Action Center. “That means strengthening, not cutting or limiting nutrition programs." More...

What you NEED TO READ about Hunger

FRAC's Statement on Rep. Ryan’s Poverty Plan

Repackaging and doubling down on bad ideas doesn’t make them good ones, and that’s what Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan’s proposal (pdf) today tries to do. This time, instead of just making Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) into a block grant, Rep. Ryan proposes to take eleven safety net programs, including SNAP, and make them into one block grant program available to states with few minimum standards except harsh conditions for beneficiaries that Rep. Ryan favors. More...

What you NEED TO DO about Hunger

Urge cosponsorship of Summer Meals Act

Ask Congress Members to cosponsor the Summer Meals Act, which expands SFSP access, and simplifies program administration for sponsors. More...

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