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  • Fact Sheet

    The School Breakfast Program plays a vital role in supporting children’s health and academic achievement. Still, too many students miss out on school breakfast and the positive outcomes that stem from participation. Just over half of low-income children who participate in school lunch also participate in school breakfast. School nurses can help increase student nutritional intake through school breakfast participation by encouraging their school(s) to implement a breakfast after the bell program and to offer nutritious breakfasts at no cost to all students, particularly in schools or school districts with high concentrations of students certified for free and reduced-price school meals.

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  • Report

    FRAC’s first-ever report on the Afterschool Nutrition Programs measures how many children had access to afterschool suppers and snacks in October 2016, nationally and in each state.

    The report found that nearly 1.1 million low-income children benefited from afterschool suppers in October 2016, up from just 200,000 in October 2011.

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  • Interactive Data Tool

    State of the States: Profiles of Hunger, Poverty, and Federal Nutrition Programs

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  • Interactive Data Tool

    Data profiles are available for every state and for the nation as a whole, and are designed to help states measure how they are faring in using key public nutrition programs to reduce hunger and improve the health and economic security of low-income families.

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Understanding Hunger
Palm Beach County Hunger Relief Plan
Recognizing the unacceptable consequences of local hunger, United Way of Palm Beach County and the Palm Beach County Board of County Commissioners, backed by a group of 183 organizations, convened the Hunger Relief Project and identified the need to create a comprehensive plan to reduce local hunger.

FRAC and the University of South Carolina (USC) Center for Research in Nutrition and Health Disparities were commissioned to create this Hunger Relief Plan.