Topic: Maryland Hunger Solutions

Food Resilience

Director, Maryland Hunger Solutions

If there is one thing that we have learned because of the pandemic, it’s that we could have been better prepared. That’s true at every level: local, state, federal, and international. But there is something that we can do about it, at least at the state level — we can work to ensure that our food system has the coordination to address the challenges that are likely to emerge, and that includes pandemics.

Passing a Hunger-Free Campus Bill in Maryland

MDHS Senior Anti-Hunger Program Associate

COVID-19 and the unexpected switch to remote learning have negatively impacted college students’ academic performance, mental health, and food security. Even before the pandemic, food insecurity was widespread across the most well-resourced campuses.
Food insecurity has historically and disproportionately affected students of color, older students, former foster youth, parenting students, students who experienced childhood food insecurity, and first-generation college students.

Local Advocates Bring a “Burst of Food Advocacy Energy” to Maryland

Director, Maryland Hunger Solutions

To address food insecurity and poverty in Maryland, more than 150 Marylanders came together for the eighth annual Maryland Food Access and Nutrition Network (MFANN) Fighting Hunger in Maryland conference in Annapolis on October 9. As the only statewide anti-hunger conference, MFANN Fighting Hunger in Maryland connects leaders from state and local agencies, nonprofits, schools, and advocacy organizations to inform, engage, and inspire action to reduce hunger and promote equity in food access and nutrition in Maryland.