It’s April, which means summer is only a few months away. While many children look forward to their vacation from school, many others who rely on school meals during the academic year are in danger of finding out hunger doesn’t take a vacation. Fortunately, the Summer Nutrition Programs provide healthy summer meals to children.

April also means it’s time for summer meal sponsors and advocates to be establishing logistics for the coming summer’s meal programs, according to FRAC’s Summer Nutrition Programs Implementation Calendars and Guide. Sponsors should finalize operational details to manage their sites and meal services, and advocates can offer to help by confirming site locations. Find out more by visiting the Establishing Logistics section of the online guide.

FRAC created the guide to help sponsors and advocates prepare, promote, and execute the Summer Nutrition Programs. For each month of the year, tips and ideas for planning are given for both sponsors and advocates to follow in a step-by-step fashion. The entire guide is available on FRAC’s website.