Topic: Hunger

Remember This December: Hunger is Solvable With Afterschool Meals

Child Nutrition Policy Analyst

During the holidays and all year long, millions of individuals and families who struggle against hunger are able to access healthy food with support from the federal nutrition programs. To celebrate the nation’s nutrition safety net, FRAC has created a seven-part “Remember This December” series that will highlight the impact of seven important federal nutrition programs.

This is the first installment of the series, which focuses on afterschool meals.

Resource Roundup: School Meals Debt

Food Research & Action Center

There are a variety of reasons for school meals debt, including a change in household income status, a misunderstanding of school meals procedures, or simply forgetting to refill the account. Whatever the case may be, however, school districts should ensure that communication about the debt is held with the parent or guardian — not the student. The bottom line is that there are solutions to resolve school meals debt without embarrassing children.