Don’t Let Trump Administration Take Food Away from 755,000 People

UPDATE: The public comment period on this proposed rule is now closed.  The proposed rule has not been finalized; USDA must review and respond to issues raised in the comments.

The Trump Administration’s proposed Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) rule would time limit food benefits for unemployed and underemployed people who can’t document sufficient weekly work hours. They would lose SNAP eligibility after three months. Anti-hunger advocates are urged to submit a comment expressing their strong opposition to the proposed rule.

Tell the Trump Administration the proposed rule is harsh and unfair. It would:

  • Cause serious harm to individuals, communities, and the nation.

  • Fuel rates of hunger and poverty by denying vulnerable people nutrition assistance at a time when they most need it.

  • Do nothing to improve the health and employment of those impacted by the proposed rule.

  • Harm the economy, grocery retailers, and agricultural producers by reducing the amount of SNAP dollars available to spur local economic activity.

  • Sidestep Congress, which rejected these changes when it enacted the 2018 Farm Bill.

We ask that you modify the language provided in our model comment letter so that at least one-third of it reflects your own thoughts and experiences. This will ensure that each submitted comment counts as a unique comment.

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