Search FRAC’s CEP database to determine which schools in your community or state are eligible or near-eligible for the CEP. Download an Excel version of the data.

Questions & Answers about FRAC’s CEP Database

Q. What type of information can I pull from the database?
A. Each entry in the database contains the following information (when available) for a given school: state, school district, school name, identified student percentage (ISP), student enrollment, and current participation status.

Q. How do I search for my school or district?
A.  Use the filters to find CEP-eligible and near-eligible schools by state, school district, ISP category, or CEP participation status.

Q. How do I choose more than one state or school district?
A. Hold down Ctrl+Shift simultaneously while making your selection.

Q. How was the information in the database gathered?
A. FRAC obtained information on schools that have adopted community eligibility from state education agencies or entities at the state level that administer the federal school nutrition programs. Between September 2019 and April 2020, FRAC collected these data:

  • school name;
  • school district name;
  • identified student percentage (ISP); and
  • enrollment.

FRAC followed up with state education agencies for data clarifications and, when necessary, to obtain missing data.

Under federal law, states are required to publish, by May 1 of each year, a list of schools and districts with ISPs of at least 40 percent and those with ISPs between 30 and just under 40 percent (near-eligible schools and districts). FRAC compared these published lists to the lists of adopting schools, and compiled a universe of eligible and participating schools and districts in the 2019–2020 school year.

*Last Update 6/21/2020: Please be aware that state agencies may periodically republish their lists with updated data. FRAC will do its best to monitor newly published lists and update the database accordingly.