Get vocal on social about proven strategies for increasing WIC participation for mothers and their children!

Far too many pregnant women, new mothers, and their young children in the U.S. are missing out on the healthy nutrition they need, according to our new report, Making WIC Work Better: Strategies to Reach More Women and Children and Strengthen Benefits Use.

FRAC has developed a communications toolkit that promotes strategies to increase participation in Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants, and Children (WIC). The toolkit includes talking points, videos, sample social media, and graphics.


Full Report: Making WIC Work Better: Strategies to Reach More Women and Children and Strengthen Benefits Use

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  1. #WIC provides millions of women, infants, and young children with resources to maintain good nutrition — a critical building block for a healthy, bright future. Learn strategies for further increasing the program’s reach with @fractweets’ new WIC report: Share
  2. #WIC is essential to improving nutrition and reducing health disparities across the U.S. — yet only 3 out of 5 eligible participants are being reached. Explore @fractweets’ recommendations for ensuring more eligible participants use the program: Share
  3. Only 44% of eligible children are currently participating in #WIC, and millions more could be reached. What more can be done to connect more children to the program? Dive into @fractweets’ new report to explore ways to expand access to WIC: Share
  4. #WIC served 6.9 million women, infants, and children per month in FY 2018. It’s time to grow that number to ensure all eligible individuals benefit from the program without barriers! @fractweets’ new WIC report provides first steps: Share
  5. No mother should have to worry about how they will provide nutritious food for their children. #WIC is a powerful tool that helps to ease that worry. Check out @fractweets’ recommendations for ensuring more low-income women use the program: Share
  6. All stakeholders, including a broad range of health, social service, and other partners, have a vital role to play in ensuring #WIC reaches all those who are eligible. Find out how *you* can increase the program’s reach with @fractweets’ new WIC report: Share

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