Tell Congress and the White House: Pass and Enact a Comprehensive COVID-19 Relief Bill that Boosts SNAP Benefits

We urge Congress and the White House to address quickly overall household hunger and economic turmoil through a longer-term comprehensive COVID-19 relief package that includes benefit boosts to SNAP and makes investments in other critical programs that assist people in meeting their basic needs during COVID-19.

A COVID-19 relief package is urgently needed that addresses the magnitude of this crisis and provides critically needed relief, including nutrition assistance, housing, income support, state fiscal relief, and other critical needs. 

Below are some actions you can take to urge your Members of Congress and the White House to act quickly to enact a COVID-19 package that includes a SNAP boost.

  1. Call and email your Members of Congress and quickly organize community calls with others in your state.
  2. Write a Letter-to-the-Editor to highlight why boosting SNAP will help your community.
  3. Get Vocal on Social  and tag your Members of Congress and the White House on social media with your message  — find their Twitter handles here. Use #BoostSNAPNow.


Message: Any COVID-19 relief package must increase SNAP maximum benefits by 15 percent and minimum monthly benefits from $16 to $30.

This would alleviate food hardship, in addition to helping jump start the economy. Remember, each $1 in SNAP benefits in an economic downturn generates between $1.50 to $1.80 in economic activity.

For more information, check out FRAC’s This Labor Day, America Needs HEROES blog and COVID-19 page.

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