Articles in the News section can be added and managed on the News dashboard.

Adding News Posts

Under the News section in the sidebar, or at the top of the page on a News section dashboard, click Add New to bring up the Add New News page. Options include the following:

  • Title: the title of the post, displayed in post lists and used in the SEO title by default.
  • Main content: add the full text of the post here, including images if relevant.
  • SEO settings: override the meta title and meta description here if necessary.
  • Description: the article summary or excerpt that is included on the blog listing page.
  • Publish settings: click the Publish button when you are ready to make the post live, or schedule it for future publication.  Posts are displayed in reverse date order (newest first) by default, so you can manipulate the order of posts in the listing by changing the post date if necessary.
  • Topics: add topics related to the current post.

Editing News Posts

Click the News header in the dashboard sidebar menu, then click the article title to edit.  Click the Update button to make your updates live.