Items listed by the Events element and the All Events page can be added and managed on the Events dashboard.

Adding Events

Under the Events section in the sidebar, or at the top of the page on an Events section dashboard, click Add New to bring up the Add New Event page. Options include the following:

  • Title: the title of the event, displayed in the Events element and on the All Events page.
  • Main content: not currently used for Events.
  • Event date: the date of the event in question.  Unlike news and blog posts, events are ordered by their event date: upcoming events only, in date order (earliest first).  Be sure not to select a date in the past, or the event will not be displayed.
  • Event link: the URL where events listings should link to.
  • Publish settings: click the Publish button when you are ready to make the event live, or schedule it for future publication.  Note that the publish date has nothing to do with the event date that will be displayed.

Editing Events

Click the Events header in the dashboard sidebar menu, then click the event title to edit.  Click the Update button to make your updates live.