WIC is increasing the monthly value of fruit and vegetable benefits in both the women’s and children’s food packages to $35 per month for four months this summer. This more than triples the usual benefit.

FRAC has developed a communications toolkit to help you spread the word and make the most of the increased benefit. The toolkit includes customizable social media graphics and captions, emails, flyers, text messages, website updates, and a catalog of example outreach materials developed by others. All materials are available in English, Spanish, and Simplified Chinese.

Sample Social: Download and share sample social.

Graphics: Download the outreach graphics and more to share on social media

All outreach graphics are completely customizable with your logo and state specific information.


Additional Language: Toolkit messaging resources are also available in Spanish and Simplified Chinese

Outreach Resources Catalog: View additional example resources promoting WIC’s Fruit and Vegetable Benefit Increase

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