Tag, You’re It! Celebrate Summer Meals With FRAC on 7/23

Summer meals play a key role in closing the summer nutrition gap that exists for millions of low-income children when the school year — and access to schools meals — ends. To spread the word about the importance of summer meals to fighting childhood hunger during the summer months, join FRAC for Tag, You’re It Tuesday on Tuesday, July 23, 2019.

Follow these two easy steps to join in on the fun:

(1) Share: Throughout Tag, You’re It Tuesday, take to social media and share why summer meals are critical to curbing child food insecurity and summertime weight gain and learning loss when paired with summer programming. To help you with crafting messages that explain why summer meals are key, see below for FRAC’s new summer nutrition reports and interactive tools. Also, check out the below sample social and graphics.

(2) Tag: As you share your social media posts, tag your Members of Congress, partner organizations, friends, family, and others to ensure your messages reach key stakeholders. Be sure to use the #TagYoureIt hashtag!

Full Reports:

Hunger Doesn’t Take a Vacation: Summer Nutrition Status Report

Hunger Doesn’t Take a Vacation: Summer Breakfast Status Report

Interactive Tools: View

National News Release: View

Model News Release for States: Download 

Sample Social: Click on “Share” links to tweet sample social

Tip: Be sure to tag your senators and representatives on Twitter.

FRAC’s social media handles: @fractweets (Twitter), @Food Research and Action Center (Facebook), @fracgram (Instagram)

  1. #TagYoureIt! Get vocal on social and tag your Members of Congress to share @fractweets’ new reports on the how #SummerMeals ensure fewer kids go hungry during the summer: bit.ly/2J6HsvW #CNR19: Share
  2. #TagYoureIt! Explore and tag those in your network to share @fractweets’ latest reports explaining how we can – and why we must – work to increase children’s participation in #SummerMeals: bit.ly/2J6HsvW: Share
  3. #SummerMeals sites frequently offer more than just meals to children at risk of hunger. When paired with educational and enrichment programming, they help combat weight gain and learning loss. Get the facts with @fractweets’ new reports: bit.ly/2J6HsvW #TagYoureIt: Share
  4. When summer vacation begins and #SchoolMeals are no longer available, hunger doesn’t take a break. #SummerMeals play a key role in closing the summer nutrition gap by helping to keep hunger at bay. Learn more with @fractweets’ new reports: bit.ly/2J6HsvW #TagYoureIt: Share
  5. There are currently not enough #SummerMeals sites and sponsors to meet the need. #CNR19 can help solve this problem by increasing access and participation in the summer nutrition programs. Read @fractweets’ new reports to learn more: bit.ly/2J6HsvW #TagYoureIt: Share
  6. During summer break, hunger doesn’t take a vacation for millions of children across the country. Check out @fractweets’ new interactive tools to see state-by-state data on participation in #SummerMeals through the Summer Nutrition Programs: bit.ly/2Z09WNi #TagYoureIt: Share

Download and share additional sample social.

Graphics: Click on each graphic to download the full-size version