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SNAP/Food Stamps
What You Need to Know about SNAP Employment & Training, Changes to the 2018 Farm Bill and More (Jul 17, 2019)
Spotlight on Seniors and SNAP conference call (Jun 4, 2019)
Poverty, Food Insecurity and SNAP Participation: Making Sense of Multiple Data Sources (Sep 20, 2016)
Disability, Food Insecurity, and SNAP: Addressing the needs of Americans with Disabilities (Jul 28, 2015)
SNAP in the Aftermath of Disaster: Advocacy and Outreach Best Practices (Jul 18, 2013)

Making WIC Better (May 6, 2019)

Family or Food? No One Should Have to Choose
Immigrant Families’ Access to Nutrition: Threats and Strategies to Push Back (Aug 14, 2019)
How to Protect Families from the Proposed Public Charge Rule (Oct 30, 2018)

Hunger and the Elections
Why Social Justice Organizations Can and Should Prioritize Voter Registration and Get-Out-the-Vote Efforts (Aug 18, 2020)
National Voter Registration Day Webinar (Aug 22, 2019)
Permissible Election-Related Activities Nonprofits Can Do to Elevate the Issue of Hunger (April 10, 2018) password – YpD4U3Eh

Senior Hunger
Senior Hunger: Concrete Ways to Act Now (Apr 26, 2018)

Community Eligibility Provision
Making Community Eligibility Work with ISPs between 40 and 60 Percent (July 16, 2020)
Planning Ahead for Community Eligibility: Basics, Tools, and Implementation Tips (Jan 10, 2019)
Community Eligibility: On the Fence? Considerations for Implementation (June 14, 2018) password – CEPFence614
Community Eligibility Q&A: Still Have Questions on How it Works? (June 4, 2018) password – qUrXJ7mq
Interactive Community Eligibility Discussion and Q&A: Operating Community Eligibility with ISPs Between 50 and 60 Percent (May 21, 2018) password – ZiEhmtW7
Interactive Community Eligibility Discussion and Q&A: Operating Community Eligibility with ISPs Between 40 and 50 Percent (May 24, 2018) password – mMZsgye3
Community Eligibility Webinar: Strategies for Collecting Alternative Income Forms at Community Eligibility Schools (April 16, 2018) password – 94YeVe3j – resources
CEP: Best Practices for Alternative Income Form Collection conference call (May 5, 2017) – audio mp3, notes(pdf)

Disaster SNAP
Leveraging Nutrition Programs in Disasters (July 24, 2018)
Disaster SNAP: The Before, During, and After (July 27, 2017)

Hunger and Health
USDA Medicaid Direct Certification Webinar for Advocates and Community Partners
(March 22, 2016)
Hunger and Health: Connecting Patients to Food Assistance (June 23, 2015)

Breakfast Matters
Reaching Rural Students with School Breakfast: Strategies for Increasing Participation (November 8, 2018) password – SBrural1118
Back to School (May 10, 2018) password – UyM6ETMS
Unpaid School Meal Fees (September 14, 2017)
Supporting Immigrant Families (August 10, 2017)
Community Eligibility Adoption in the 2016-2017 School Year (March 23, 2017) – audio, slide recording, accompanying slides (pdf)
Sourcing and Storing Local, Fresh Foods for School Breakfast (December 8, 2016) – audio mp3, accompanying slides (pdf)
Celebrating National School Lunch Week and Community Eligibility Provision Success (October 13, 2016) – audio mp3, webinar video, accompanying slides (pdf)
The Breakfast Blueprint: Planning, Implementation and Evaluation Best Practices (September 8, 2016)
Back to School: How to Market Your School Meals Program for a Successful Year (August 11, 2016)

Afterschool Meals Matter
Beyond the School Day: Afterschool Meals (Aug 16, 2018) password – Beyond-School-Day-816
School Nutrition Departments and the Afterschool Meal Program
(Feb 15, 2018)
Partnerships for Building More Sustainable Afterschool Meal Programs (Jan 18, 2018)
Back to School: Start Serving Afterschool Meals (August 17, 2017)
Cities Operating and Supporting the Afterschool Nutrition Programs (November 17, 2016)
Partnerships and Activities for Weekends and Holidays (October 20, 2016)
Troubleshooting: Health Departments and Streamlining (September 15, 2016)

Summer Meals Matter
Food Banks and Summer Meals (July 9, 2020)
Recruiting and Retaining Summer Meal Program Sites (Jan 4, 2018)
Developing Marketing Plans for Summer Outreach (Dec 7, 2017)
Maximizing Summer Meal Service Days (Nov 2, 2017)
Food Policy Councils and the Summer Nutrition Programs (December 1, 2016)
Reducing Food Waste and Serving Kid-Friendly Meals (November 3, 2016)
Making Breakfast Work in the Summer (October 6, 2016)

New Healthier CACFP Meal Standards: What you need to know (May 9, 2016)