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How does your state score in the School Breakfast Scorecard?
School breakfast is a pathway to strengthening academic performance and attendance as students return to school.

FRAC’s latest School Breakfast Scorecard found more low-income children received free or reduced-price school breakfast through the School Breakfast Program on an average day during September 2019 through February 2020.

Now, more children will be susceptible to hunger and losing ground academically due to school closures. Pandemic-related learning loss could widen academic achievement gaps for students of low-income households. School breakfast will be critical in helping combat childhood hunger and learning loss.


Apr 16, 2021
Heather Hartline-Grafton

A recent “NCSEA On Location” podcast, sponsored by the National Child Support Enforcement Association, focused on how the child support program and the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) work to address food insecurity within families. In general, child support refers to the ongoing payments made by one parent to another parent to provide financial support for a child.

Apr 12, 2021
Lexie Holden

There is a common misconception that college students cannot, or do not, face food insecurity. When we imagine who attends college, we often think of students fresh out of high school, supported by their middle- to upper-middle-class — often white — parents. We imagine modern dormitories with ample amenities and seemingly unending supplies of cafeteria food, all freely accessible with just the swipe of one’s student ID.

However, given the demographic shift in who attends college, what we previously imagined about college students is no longer in touch with reality, if it ever was.

Apr 08, 2021
Guest Author

In this guest blog post, Dr. Janet Poppendieck, Urban School Food Alliance Advisory Council Member, highlights 10 key reasons to support free healthy school meals for all. Professor Poppendieck is the author of Free For All: Fixing School Food in America (University of California Press, 2010).

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