Hunger Lives Here.

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For 50 years, FRAC has worked to end hunger in America. The COVID-19 pandemic is showing how hunger is an ongoing problem. And we're not stopping until it's solved.

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14.3 million American households struggle with hunger

Poverty-related hunger touches every community in our country.  You may not see it, but for the family down the street, it’s a daily reality.

Hunger is a political condition that is solvable through public policy

As a nation, we produce more food than we need for domestic consumption. And yet some go hungry. The solution lies in improving public policies that address hunger, food insecurity, and their root cause, poverty.

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An America free from hungeris possible

For five decades, FRAC has expanded the reach and quality of federal nutrition programs, the most effective way to end hunger. Yet there is much more to do.

Who Goes Hungry?

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Get smart about nutrition programs

FRAC works to expand the reach of federal nutrition programs so those struggling against hunger have access to the food they need.


Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program

About SNAP

SNAP is the largest federal nutrition assistance program, and it serves as the nation’s first line of defense against hunger. SNAP provides monthly benefits to eligible low-income people to purchase food.

Why it matters

78 percent of SNAP benefits go to households with kids, elderly persons or persons with disabilities.

See how many people benefit from SNAP in your state

Infographic: 'In 2017, SNAP helped lift 3.4 million Americans out of poverty'

Child Nutrition Programs

Fueling children's minds and bodies around the clock

About Child Nutrition Programs

Nutrition programs provided at childcare, school or at afterschool and summer programs help boost children’s growth and learning.

Why it matters

Nearly 1 in 7 households with children cannot buy enough food for their families.

Explore other nutrition programs on

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