Trump Administration Wants to Cut the Power of SNAP for Millions

USDA’s proposed rule on SNAP Standardization of State Heating and Cooling Standard Utility Allowances would cut program benefits by a total of $4.5 billion over five years. This cut would result from changes in how states take households’ utility costs into account in determining the amount of SNAP benefits for which they qualify.

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New Trump Administration Rule Will Create More Hunger and Poverty

The Trump administration’s final public charge rule would increase hunger and poverty across the nation, and force immigrant families — including those with U.S. citizen children — to make impossible choices between food and family. The FRAC strongly opposes this deeply flawed, mean-spirited rule. The rule is slated to take effect on October 15 unless Congress or the courts act to stop or delay it.

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Trump Administration’s Latest Attack on Struggling Americans

The Trump administration’s proposed rule would take food assistance away from 3 million people by making them ineligible to participate in the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), the nation’s first line of defense against hunger. This rule would increase hunger and poverty in this country, especially for working families with children whose net incomes are below the poverty line, and families and seniors with even a small amount of savings who would be kicked off of SNAP.

Proposed SNAP Rule Would Also Affect School Meal Access

The nation’s children are beginning a new school year, and the proposed rule to amend a SNAP categorical eligibility rule could prevent 500,000 children from receiving healthy school meals, putting their health and learning at risk.

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