D.C. Hunger Solutions

dchs-logo…is a separately staffed and funded initiative of the Food Research and Action Center. Its mission is to create a hunger-free community in Washington, D.C. and improve the nutrition, health, economic security, and well-being of low-income residents.

Visit the D.C. Hunger Solutions website.

D.C. Hunger Solutions’ strategies for fulfilling its mission are:

  • maximize participation in the federal nutrition programs (SNAP/Food Stamps, school meals, afterschool, summer, and child care food, and WIC);
  • improve public policies to end hunger, reduce poverty, promote nutrition, and curb obesity; and
  • increase access to healthy, affordable food in low-income District of Columbia neighborhoods.

Every day in the D.C., more than one out of eight households faces a constant struggle against hunger, and one out of three children lives on the edge of hunger.

Recent D.C. Hunger Solutions victories include:

  • guiding the D.C. Council’s creation and adoption of the Food Stamp Expansion Act of 2009, which increases benefits among many of the 114,000 – or more than one in six – D.C. residents who currently receive SNAP/Food Stamps, and expands the program’s eligibility to thousands more;
  • convincing Congress to make the District a federal Afterschool Meal Program state, which provides federal funding for thousands of children to receive a full, nutritious meal while they participate in afterschool programs; and
  • helping to shape the D.C. Council’s newly-adopted Healthy Schools Act, which includes anti-hunger provisions that will increase student participation in school breakfast and lunch.