SNAP/Food Stamps Outreach and Access Toolkit

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Table of Contents


How to Use This Toolkit

Funding for SNAP/Food Stamps Application Assistance and Other Outreach Activities

  • SNAP/Food Stamps Administrative Funding
  • FNS SNAP/Food Stamps Participation Grants
  • FNS SNAP/Food Stamps Competitive Outreach Grants
  • Federal SNAP/Food Stamps Outreach Reimbursements/Match
  • Federal SNAP/Food Stamps Bonuses
  • Temporary Federal Funding: ARRA TANF Emergency Funds
  • Pilot Funding: Partnership Fund for Program Integrity Innovation
  • Community Development Block Grant Funds
  • Other Community Resources

Building Blocks for Successful Application Assistance and Outreach

  • What are Key Elements of Outreach?
  • Collaborations to Make Outreach and Application Assistance More Effective
  • Identifying Barriers and Targeting Strategies
  • Data Matching: Finding People Who Are Likely Eligible for SNAP/Food Stamps
  • Cultural Competency as a Key to Outreach
  • Prescreening to Focus Assistance and Encourage People to Apply
  • Promotional Materials for SNAP/Food Stamps Outreach
  • Websites and SNAP/Food Stamps Outreach
  • Training Volunteers and Community Partners
  • Helplines to Support Outreach and Provide Application Assistance
  • Media Strategies for SNAP/Food Stamps Outreach

Strategies for States to Increase Access to SNAP/Food Stamps, Maximize Benefits, and Decrease Administrative Workload

  • SNAP/Food Stamps Policy Options that Streamline the Eligibility Process and Reduce Client Burdens and Office Workloads
  • Maximize SNAP/Food Stamps Benefit Amounts by Extending LIHEAP Benefits to SNAP/Food Stamps Recipients
  • SNAP/Food Stamps Policy Options to Reach Low-Income Working Families and the Newly Jobless
  • SNAP/Food Stamps Policy Options Helpful to Older Americans and Persons with Disabilities

Making the Case for Expanding Participation in SNAP/Food Stamps
(section updated February 2011)

  • Data Resources Regarding Food Insecurity
  • Data Resources Regarding State and County Participation Rates
  • Other State-by-State Data
  • Talking Points

Appendix: Talking Points