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December 20, 2012: FRAC Statement: U.S. Conference of Mayors 2012 Status Report on Hunger and Homelessness

December 7, 2012: National Anti-Hunger Organization’s (NAHO) Letter Urging President Obama to Protect and Strengthen SNAP and to Continue his Commitment to Ending Hunger in his Second Term (pdf)

December 6, 2012: New FRAC Report Finds Food Stamp “Thrifty Food Plan” Allotments Seriously Inadequate

October 22, 2012: George McGovern’s Legacy

September 27, 2012: New School Nutrition Standards Support Healthier and Well-fed Children

September 12, 2012: Census Bureau Releases New Poverty Data – SNAP Lifting 3.9 Million People Above Poverty Line

September 5, 2012: New Polling Data from FRAC Reveal Overwhelming Support for Food Stamps, Opposition to Cutting the Program; New USDA Data Show One in Six Americans in Households Struggling Against Hunger

August 31, 2012: Food Stamp Act of 1964 Marks 48th Anniversary

August 22, 2012: Nearly One in Five American Households Report Inability to Afford Enough in Food During First Six Months of 2012

August 22, 2012: Ten New School Districts Welcome Back Students with Breakfast in the Classroom (pdf)

July 26, 2012: FRAC Comments on USDA’s Healthier School Meal Incentive Funds Rule (pdf)

July 12, 2012: FRAC Statement – House Agriculture Committee Passes Farm Bill Proposal

July 10, 2012: Members of Congress Join Feeding America, FRAC, and Dozens of Organizations to Rally Against Proposed Cuts to SNAP in House Farm Bill Proposal

June 21, 2012: Farm Bill Preserves Strong SNAP Structure; Makes Unnecessary and Harmful Cut to Benefits

June 8, 2012 – Summer Meals Reaching Fewer Low-Income Children

June 6, 2012 – FRAC’s 22nd Annual Dinner Explores Media Coverage of Hunger and Poverty

June 4, 2012 – Senate Committee Farm Bill Cuts SNAP Fruit and Vegetable Purchases by $862 Million

May 10, 2012: FRAC Condemns House Vote to Slash SNAP and Other Vital Low-Income Programs

April 27, 2012: USDA Publishes Rule on Compliance Process for Schools to Meet the New Healthier Meal Standards

April 26, 2012: Farm Bill Proposal Would Cut $4 Billion from SNAP, Resulting in Lost Meals for Struggling Americans

April 26, 2012: FRAC’s Comments on the Proposed Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Program Rule (pdf)

April 25, 2012: Senate Agriculture Committee Farm Bill Mark Up Scheduled for April 26

April 18, 2012: FRAC Decries House Agriculture Committee Vote to Slash SNAP

April 17, 2012: New FRAC Analysis Finds Food Hardship Prevalent in Rural Districts

March 28, 2012: FRAC, D.C. Hunger Solutions and Children’s Health Watch testify on SNAP/Food Stamps before IOM Committee on Examination of the Adequacy of Food Resources and SNAP Allotments

March 20, 2012: FY2013 Ryan Budget Proposal on Food Stamps Would Increase Hunger, Eliminate Jobs, and Slow the Economy

February 29, 2012: Food Research and Action Center Welcomes Dan Glickman as New Board Chair

February 27, 2012: Nearly One in Five Americans Report Inability to Afford Enough Food

February 16, 2012: FRAC Analysis: President Obama’s FY2013 Budget Protects Nutrition Safety Net

February 13, 2012: President’s FY2013 Budget Protects Nation’s Safety Net

January 31, 2012: School Breakfast Participation Continues Much-Needed Increase

January 25, 2012: FRAC Statement on USDA’s Announcement of New Healthier School Meal Standards

January 19, 2012: FRAC Releases New Polling Data Showing Overwhelming Support for Efforts to End Hunger

January 11, 2012: FRAC Congratulates Cecilia Muñoz on Appointment as New Director of the White House’s Domestic Policy Council


December 15, 2011: Limited Resources Placing Fresh Fruits and Vegetables Out of Reach for Many Americans

December 8, 2011: Spending on Food by Tens of Millions of Americans Drops to Unhealthy Level

November 16, 2011: New FRAC analysis of Heat and Eat (pdf) shows how cuts to the program would mean fewer meals for struggling Americans

November 3, 2011: Watch U.S. Rep. Jim McGovern Discuss Hunger Cuts on C-Span’s Washington Journal

October 18, 2011: FRAC Statement on American Farm Bureau Federation Proposal to Cut Nutrition Program Supports

October 18, 2011: New FRAC Analysis – Lugar/Stutzman Bill Contains Flawed Nutrition Title; Its Key Proposal Was Previously Rejected

October 4, 2011: New from FRAC – Improving School Meal Nutrition Standards: No Time to Go Backward

September 26, 2011: The SNAP Effect: Lifting Households Out of Poverty

September 22, 2011: Census Releases State-by-State Poverty Data

September 21, 2011: Breakfast for Health highlights links between school breakfast and favorable education/health outcomes (pdf)

September 13, 2011: Census Bureau Releases New Poverty Data – SNAP Lifting 3.9 Million People Above Poverty Line

September 7, 2011: One in Six Americans in Households Struggling Against Hunger New National and State Data Underscore Need for Congress to Keep Federal Nutrition Programs Strong, Says FRAC

August 11, 2011: Nearly One in Four of Nation’s Households with Children Report Inability to Afford Enough Food

August 4, 2011: New from FRAC: How the Budget Control Act Works: Timeline and Analysis

August 2, 2011: FRAC Statement on the Debt Ceiling

July 19, 2011: New White Paper: A Review of Strategies to Bolster SNAP’s Role in Improving Nutrition as well as Food Security

July 18, 2011: New Analysis Urges Continuation of Progress toward Strengthened School Meal Nutrition Regulations

June 24, 2011: FRAC Statement on Chicago Public School Breakfast in the Classroom Programs

June 16, 2011: FRAC Statement on House Passage of Agriculture Appropriations Bill

June 8, 2011: Hunger and Nutrition Among Hispanics Focus of FRAC’s Annual Dinner

June 7, 2011: Participation in Summer Nutrition Programs Continues Downward Trend – “This is a Time for Action,” Says Food Research and Action Center

June 3, 2011: More than 2,500 Organizations Across Country Urge Congress to Protect SNAP Program

April 27, 2011: New USDA Report Shows ARRA (Economic Recovery Act) SNAP Benefit Boost Improved Food Security

April 5, 2011: FRAC Statement on FY2012 Budget Proposal

March 17, 2011: IOM Releases Hunger and Obesity Workshop Summary

March 10, 2011: One in Four Americans Worried about Having Enough Money for Food

March 3, 2011: Nearly One in Five Americans Report Inability to Afford Enough Food (Food Hardship Report)

February 16, 2011: FRAC Analysis of FY2011 Republican House Proposal

February 14, 2011: President’s FY 2012 Budget Proposal Includes Restoration of SNAP Cuts

February 2, 2011: New USDA Data Give State-by-State SNAP/Food Stamp Participation Rates for 2008

January 31, 2011: FRAC Statement: Release of the Dietary Guidelines for Americans, 2010

January 24, 2011: New FRAC Report Measures SNAP/Food Stamp Participation in 22 Large U.S. Cities – Cities Left $1.1 Billion in Federal Funds on Table

January 13, 2011: Record Demand for School Meals, But Breakfast Participation Still Falling Short

January 13, 2011: USDA Issues Proposed Rule on School Meal Nutrition Standards


December 29, 2010: New Analysis of Food Hardship Shows At Least One in Seven Respondents In Nearly Every State Unable to Afford Enough Food in First Half of 2010

December 7, 2010: FRAC Releases New Polling Data Showing Overwhelming Support for Federal Efforts to End Hunger; Voters Strongly Support SNAP Funding

December 2, 2010: FRAC Statement on House Passage of Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act

November 15, 2010One in Seven Americans Struggling Against Hunger, Need for a Strong Nutrition Safety Net Has Never Been Greater, Says FRAC

November 9, 2010FRAC Releases New Findings on U.S. Hunger – Nearly One in Five Households Report Inability to Afford Enough Food, SNAP Benefit Boost Keeping Food Hardship Rate from Skyrocketing

November 5, 2010New IOM Report Outlines Nutrition Recommendations to Update CACFP Meal Requirements

September 28, 2010FRAC Statement: Census Bureau data released today shows the harsh impact of the recession across the country

September 16, 2010Census Bureau Releases New Poverty Data

August 10, 2010FRAC Statement: Time to Stop Raiding SNAP Benefits

August 5, 2010Statement by FRAC President Jim Weill on Senate Passage of Child Nutrition Reauthorization

August 4, 2010FRAC Statement: Senate Moves Forward on $11.9 Billion Cut in SNAP Benefits; Legislation Needs to Be Fixed Before Passage

July 20, 2010Jim Weill remarks at Institute of Medicine Workshop on Health Impacts of WIC – Session 4: Food Insecurity and Hunger (pdf)

July 15, 2010FRAC Statement: House Education and Labor Committee Passes the Improving Nutrition for America’s Children Act (H.R. 5504)

July 1, 2010 – Jim Weill testifies before House Education and Labor Committee on Improving Nutrition for America’s Children.

June 25, 2010Summer Nutrition Programs in Trouble; Failing to Meet Growing Need – Food Research and Action Center Calls on Congress and States to Fix the Program

June 18, 2010 – FRAC Response: Rush Limbaugh on Summer Food

June 10, 2010FRAC Statement: House Releases CNR Plan

June 9, 2010FRAC Marks Forty Year Anniversary at Annual Dinner

May 19, 2010 – USDA Announces New SNAP/Food Stamp Consumer Information Resources

May 12, 2010FRAC Analysis: White House Task Force on Childhood Obesity Report

May 12, 2010 – Walmart Announces Major Initiative to End Hunger in America

May 3, 2010Getting SNAP/Food Stamps to Needy Families and Communities – New FRAC Toolkit Outlines Strategies to Improve Participation and Efficiency; Anti-Hunger, Health, and Economic Gains Sought

March 26, 2010 More than 1,000 Organizations Write Congress for Child Nutrition Reauthorization Investments in Reaching More Low-Income Children With Healthy Meals

March 17, 2010FRAC Statement: Chairman’s Mark for Child Nutrition Reauthorization Released

March 9, 2010New Polling Shows Support for $1 Billion in Child Nutrition Investment

February 25, 2010 Secretary Vilsack Outlines Priorities for Child Nutrition Reauthorization

January 26, 2010 New Data Reveal Extent of Hunger in Every Corner of the U.S. – FRAC Releases New Data on Food Hardship in 2008 and 2009, with First-Ever Data for MSAs and All Congressional Districts

January 22, 2010National organization letter supports robust child nutrition funding (pdf)


December 7, 2009
School Breakfast Program Falls Short of Meeting Growing Need – Two New Reports Find More Low-Income Children Starting the Day with Breakfast, But Program Not Growing Fast Enough

November 17, 2009
Eliminating Childhood Hunger in America by 2015 – FRAC describes seven strategies essential to meeting President Obama’s goal

November 16, 2009
One in Six Americans Struggling Against Hunger – New USDA Data Show 49.1 Million in Food Insecure Households; Highest Rates of Hunger Recorded by USDA Survey

October 23, 2009
USDA Secretary Outlines Obama Administration’s Access and Nutrition Priorities for Child Nutrition Reauthorization

October 20, 2009
FRAC Statement on IOM Recommendations for Healthier School Meal Standards

October 1, 2009
FRAC Statement – New WIC Food Package — Takes Effect October 1, 2009

October 1, 2009
Victory for Anti-Hunger Programs – Congress Adds More States to Afterschool Programs, More Fruits and Vegetables for WIC Participants

September 10, 2009
Statement on the 2008 Federal Poverty Numbers

September 9, 2009
New FRAC Report on 24 Cities Finds Only 67 Percent of Eligible Urban Households Participated in SNAP/Food Stamp Program

July 31, 2009
Jim Weill’s Presentation at the Northeast Regional Meeting on Child Nutrition, Food and Health (pdf)

July 8, 2009
No Vacation for Hunger This Summer As Millions of Children Miss Out on Healthy Meals

July 1, 2009
Eliminating Childhood Hunger in America by 2015 – FRAC describes seven strategies essential to meeting President Obama’s goal

May 15, 2009
FRAC Analysis: Nutrition Programs and Refundable Tax Credits in President Obama’s FY 2010 Budget

May 1, 2009
Congress Passes FY2010 Budget; Sets Stage for Child Nutrition Reauthorization

April 17, 2009
New Study from USDA Shows WIC’s Contribution to Healthy Lives

April 16, 2009
FRAC Statement: Cheese Sandwiches Not the Solution to Balancing Schools’ Budget

February 28, 2009
FRAC Statement: Nutrition Programs and Other Key Low-Income Supports in the President’s Budget

January 16, 2009
House Unveils Economic Recovery Package with Strong Low-Income Provisions

January 14, 2009
Low Rate of Participation in School Breakfast Means More Hunger, Less Learning, and Weaker State Economies


December 12, 2008
FRAC Special Analysis: 2008 U.S. Conference of Mayors Report on Hunger and Homelessness

December 10, 2008
FRAC Facts: The cost of the Thrifty Food Plan rose by 9.4 percent from October 2007 to October 2008, while the overall cost of food rose by 7.5 percent.

December 3, 2008
Food Stamp Participation in September 2008 Tops 31.5 Million.

December 3, 2008
2006 SNAP/Food Stamp Participation Rates State-by-State

November 25, 2008
In Nearly Half of the States, More Than One in Ten Residents Are On Food Stamps

November 19, 2008
FRAC Calls on President-Elect Obama and Congress to Make Ending Hunger a Priority; New Data Find that 36.2 Million Americans Struggle to Obtain Food; Prevalence of Hunger Negatively Impacting Young Children and the Nation’s Well-Being

November 17, 2008
More than 36.2 Million Americans Struggled Against Hunger in 2007; Number in Worst-Off Households Rose 40 Percent from 2000 to 2007

November 17, 2008
Media Advisory: Hunger in America: An Agenda for the New President and Congress

November 4, 2008
FRAC congratulates President-elect Barack Obama, Vice-President-elect Joe Biden, and the newly elected and returning members of Congress, state governors, state legislators, mayors and other public officials. We look forward to working with them all to tackle hunger and poverty in our nation, particularly in this time of acute and growing need. Three pdf documents underscore the great opportunities ahead: Obama and Biden: Tackling Domestic Hunger, the President-elect’s position paper which commits to ending childhood hunger by 2015 and to other anti-poverty and anti-hunger strides forward; Obama and Biden: Fighting Poverty and Creating a Bridge to the Middle Class; and an analysis (Review Of Public Opinion Research On Nutrition And Hunger – pdf) conducted in September for FRAC by Peter D. Hart Associates and McLaughlin & Associates showing that Americans believe the nation’s officeholders need to do more to combat hunger.

October 28, 2008
Low Participation in Food Stamps Means One in Three Struggling Urban Households Miss Out on Benefits and Hundreds of Millions of Federal Dollars Foregone (2008 Food Stamp Access in Urban America: A City-by-City Snapshot)

October 22, 2008
Updated FRAC Facts on the Impact of Rising Food Costs and the Thrifty Food Plan highlights the latest USDA numbers showing the cost of the thrifty food plan rose by 10.3 percent from September 2007 to September 2008.

October 16, 2008
Statement by Jim Weill, President of the Food Research and Action Center, on the Release of the Blueprint to End Hunger in America

October 16, 2008
FRAC’s updated fact sheet on rising food costs and the impact on low-income Americans (pdf) – Food costs rose by 7.6 percent from September 2007 to September 2008, according to the latest data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

October 8, 2008
Hunger a Rising Concern Among Americans As Economy Falters; Public Wants Issue Discussed in Campaign; Recent Polling Shows Need for Political Leadership on Hunger and Poverty

October 1, 2008
“New” Program Helps Struggling Households Put Food on the Table – Electronic Card Allows Individuals to Buy Nutritious Food at Local Stores

September 9, 2008
Reports Show Federal Commodity Food Program Should Do Much More to Improve Nutritional Quality of School Meals

September 4, 2008
Low-Income Families Disproportionately Affected by Rising Food Costs, According to New USDA Data; FRAC Calls for Urgent Increase in Food Stamp Benefits to Help with 10 Percent Leap in Food Inflation

August 26, 2008
Number of Americans Living in Poverty Increased in 2007, Federal Poverty Numbers Show; Statement by FRAC President Jim Weill (pdf) on the Census Bureau’s numbers released today.

July 30, 2008
School Is Out for the Summer – and Millions of Children Are Missing Out on Healthy Meals; New FRAC Report Finds the Summer Nutrition Programs Falling Far Short of Meeting the Need

May 29, 2008
Rising Food Costs Bearing Down Even Harder on Low-Income Shoppers – Increase in the Cost of the Thrifty Food Plan Rising Faster than the Overall Cost of Food

April 17, 2008
FRAC President Jim Weill’s presentation to at the House Hunger Caucus Briefing: The Impact of Rising Food Prices on Hunger in America (pdf)

April 4, 2008
FRAC Facts: The Impact of Rising Food Costs on Low-Income Americans (pdf)

March 25, 2008
Access and Access Barriers to Getting Food Stamps – A Review of the Literature (pdf version).
Section-by-section version.

February 8, 2008
Rep. James McGovern on Food Stamps and the Federal Budget (pdf).

February 4, 2008
FRAC Statement on the President’s Budget

January 31, 2008
Over 150 House Democrats support strong nutrition title in Farm Bill. Click here for letter to Agriculture Committee Chairman Peterson (large pdf file, may take a few seconds to download)

January 28, 2008
FRAC’s Simplified Tool Kit Now Online!

January 22, 2008
Food Stamp Boost is Quick, Effective Way to Stimulate the Economy