2006-2007 Press Archives



December 19, 2007
Simplified Summer Food, Emerson Fellows, and More: Final FY2008 Spending Bill Bolsters Support for Federal Food and Nutrition Programs

December 14, 2007
Senate Passes Farm Bill with Strong Nutrition Title

December 11, 2007
School Breakfast Program Grows to Serve 8.1 Million Low-Income Children

November 14, 2007
More than 35.5 Million Americans Struggled Against Hunger in 2006

November 2, 2007
FRAC Analysis: State Food Stamp Participation Rates in 2005

October 11, 2007
FRAC Releases Report on Food Stamp Participation in Urban America: 24 Cities Miss Average One in Three Eligible Households with Food Stamps and $2.27 Billion in Benefits Forgone

September 30, 2007
FRAC Joins Organizations in Urging Congress for Speedy Passage of Farm Bill (pdf)

August 7, 2007
Back-to-School Time Approaching, But Breakfast Not On the Schedule for Many Students

May 2, 2007
FRAC Analysis: Implications of the IOM Report on Nutrition Standards in Schools

April 25, 2007
FRAC Statement on the IOM Report on Nutrition Standards for Foods in Schools

April 19, 2007
FRAC Joins Sign-On Letter in Support of Increased Funding for Human Needs Programs in FY08 Budget

April 9, 2007
FRAC Supports House Budget Resolution, Seeks Greater Investments in Food Stamps (pdf)

March 14, 2007
FRAC President Jim Weill Testifies before House Subcommittee on Food Stamps’ Positive Impact on Children’s Health (pdf)

March 2, 2007
Joint Statement on the 2007 Farm Bill by FRAC, America’s Second Harvest, and APSHA (pdf)

March 1, 2007
FRAC Releases Summer Food Standards of Excellence

February 7, 2007
FRAC Analysis: Nutrition Program Changes in the President’s FY2008 Budget

February 6, 2007
FRAC Statement on President’s FY2008 Budget

January 31, 2007
FRAC Statement on Bush Administration’s Plan for Farm Bill 2007 Reauthorization

January 31, 2007
More than 1,000 Organizations Voice Support for Strong Nutrition Title in Farm Bill; Groups Call for Increased Benefits and Improved Access to Food Stamp Program

January 17, 2007
Key Senate Food & Nutrition Committee Assignments for the 110th Congress (pdf)


December 22, 2006
National Anti-Hunger Organization Issues Statement on Priorities for 2007 Farm Bill: Strenghten Food Stamp Program (pdf)

December 14, 2006
FRAC Special Analysis: 2006 U.S. Conference of Mayors/Sodexho Survey on Hunger and Homelessness

December 7, 2006
FRAC Releases School Breakfast Scorecard 2006. National School Breakfast Program Served Record 7.7 Million Low-Income Children in 2005-2006.

November 15, 2006
More than 35 Million of Americans Lived In Food Insecure Households in 2005

November 7, 2006
FRAC Child Nutrition Director Lynn Parker Honored by American Public Health Association with Mary C. Egan Award

November 3, 2006
FRAC Partners with Taste of the NFL

October 18, 2006
Food Stamps Continue to Serve as Crucial Support in U.S. Cities, But Millions Still Missing out, Finds FRAC Survey

September 15, 2006
FRAC Issues New Tool for Evaluating School Wellness Policies

September 7, 2006
FRAC Guide Details Promising Partnerships and Strategies for Food Stamp Outreach

August 29, 2006
2005 Poverty Data Underscore Need for Action

August 7, 2006
“The Federal Government—the Indispensable Player in Redressing Poverty,” Clearinghouse Review article by FRAC President Jim Weill

August 4, 2006
FRAC Statement in Response to USDA Rule (Published August 4, 2006) Proposing New WIC Food Package

August 4, 2006
FRAC Releases Summary, Statement on New WIC Food Package

July 28, 2006
FRAC Releases Guide to Disaster Food Stamp Program

July 13, 2006
FRAC “Hunger Doesn’t Take a Vacation” Report: Summer Is No Picnic for Hungry Children Missing School Meals

May 10, 2006
FRAC Publishes Parent Outreach Brochure to Encourage More Parents to Get Involved in the Creation of Local Wellness Policies

March 17, 2006
FRAC’s FY 2007 Program Priorities for the Agriculture Appropriations Subcommittees

March 15, 2006
FRAC Releases New Report, “State of the States: A Profile of Food and Nutrition Programs Across the Nation.” See press release; see report

February 28, 2006
FRAC Publishes New Resource on School Wellness Policies, “School Wellness Policy and Practice: Meeting the Needs of Low-Income Students”

February 7, 2006
Nutrition Program Changes in the President’s Budget

January 23, 2006
New Study Reports Strong Links Between Food Insecurity and Negative Developmental Consequences for Young School-age Children

January 3, 2006
FRAC Urges 2007 Farm Bill Make Food Stamp Program Investments