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Op-eds and Columns Underscore Need for Congress to Protect SNAP

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About FRAC

FRAC is the leading national nonprofit organization working to improve public policies and public-private partnerships to end hunger and undernutrition in the United States. FRAC’s staff can comment on a variety of hunger and nutrition programs, including food stamps, WIC, school lunch and breakfast, summer and afterschool meals, as well as related hunger and obesity issues.

2015 Press Releases

March 23, 2015: FRAC Analysis – GOP Needs to Look in Their Own Backyard: SNAP Cuts in House Budget Target 705,000 Households in 22 Republican Districts

March 19, 2015: GOP House Budget Would be a Disaster for Millions of Americans

February 18, 2015: FRAC Analysis of State-by-State SNAP Participation Rates

February 10, 2015: Many More Low-Income Children Starting the Day with School Breakfast, Find New Reports from the Food Research and Action Center

January 29, 2015: FRAC and Share Our Strength Release Survey on Summer Meals sponsors

January 29, 2015: The Food & Agriculture Policy Collaborative releases guide to Building Healthy Communities (pdf)

January 14, 2015: New FRAC Report Explores Extent of and Causes of Participation Shifts in School Lunch

2014 Press Releases

December 11, 2014: Special Analysis: USCM Survey Underscores Important Role of SNAP

December 9, 2014: FRAC Applauds School Districts Across the Country for Implementing Community Eligibility Provision to Ensure More Kids Receive Healthy Meals at School

December 2, 2014: USDA Holds Event Commemorating 50 Years of SNAP

November 19, 2014: Innovative Breakfast in the Classroom Program to Expand in 2015 Providing Thousands of More Students Across the Nation with a Healthy Morning Meal (pdf)

October 30, 2014: The Hill publishes blog post by FRAC and Tyson – Hunger: An issue we can agree on

October 28, 2014: National Survey Finds Bipartisan Majority Look to Government to Lead Much-Needed Fight Against Hunger

October 16, 2014: AARP Foundation and FRAC Announce New Tools to Fight Hunger among Seniors

October 14, 2014: More than 1,000 Organizations Urge President Obama to Invest in Child Nutrition Programs

September 16, 2014: FRAC Statement: New Poverty Data Underscores Ongoing Struggle for Many Americans

September 8, 2014: FRAC Brief Released – Impact of the Revised WIC Food Packages on Nutrition Outcomes and the Retail Food Environment

September 3, 2014: One in Seven Americans in Households Struggling Against Hunger

August 20, 2014: New Infographic: Breakfast in the Classroom

July 25, 2014: New Analysis: Improving Direct Certification Will Help More Low-Income Children Receive School Meals

July 24, 2014: FRAC Statement on Rep. Ryan’s Poverty Plan

June 11, 2014: FRAC’s 24th Annual Dinner Honors Innovation in Anti-Hunger Work

June 2, 2014: Summer Food Participation Grows Across Nation

April 1, 2014: FRAC Statement: Ryan Budget Recycles Failed Proposals for SNAP

March 21, 2014: Heat and Eat: State Responses to the Changed Federal Law

March 12, 2014: FRAC Welcomes Launch of New Breakfast Campaign

March 6, 2014: New #WhoGoesHungry Video Highlights Hunger Faced by U.S. Veterans

March 3, 2014: Higher Participation in School Breakfast Goal of New Alliance

February 28, 2014: A Good Week for Children’s Nutrition and Health: Five Things You Should Know

February 18, 2014: Members of Congress send letter to USDA regarding orderly SNAP Heat and Eat implementation (pdf)

February 12, 2014: New from FRAC – School Breakfast: Reaching More Children, Making Breakfast Better (pdf)

February 5, 2014: McGovern Highlights Importance of Breakfast in Latest End Hunger Speech

February 4, 2014: FRAC Statement: Farm Bill Means Less Food for Struggling Households

January 31, 2014: FRAC Statement: Taking Meals from Children No Way for Schools to Handle Fees Issue

January 28, 2014: FRAC Statement: SNAP Cuts in Farm Bill Will Lead to Less Food for Vulnerable People

January 23, 2014: Food advocate and Top Chef Judge Tom Colicchio says ‘no one should go hungry’ in new video against SNAP cuts

January 22, 2014: New Reports Find Successful Federal and State Programs Helping Make School Breakfast More Accessible

January 8, 2014: The Hill Publishes Jim Weill Op-Ed on War on Poverty Anniversary

2013 Press Releases

November 14, 2013: FRAC/NAESP Joint Report: Principals Embracing Breakfast in the Classroom

November 13, 2013: More than 130 national organizations sign letter to Farm Bill conferees, in support of SNAP/Food Stamps (pdf)

November 1, 2013: Statement on the November 1st Cuts to the SNAP Program

October 18, 2013: Honoring Tom Foley

October 12, 2013: USDA Ensures Meal Programs During Government Shutdown

October 1, 2013: FRAC/CBPP Joint Report: Community Eligibility: Making High-Poverty Schools Hunger Free

October 1, 2013: Impact of Government Shutdown on the Federal Nutrition Programs

September 19, 2013: Statement on Passage of $40 Billion SNAP Cut in House

September 18, 2013: One in Four Households with Children Report Inability to Afford Enough Food

September 17, 2013: FRAC Statement: Poverty Data Underscore New Economic Reality

September 4, 2013: One in Six Americans Living in Households that Struggle Against Hunger

August 16, 2013: New from FRAC: Polling Continues to Show High Support for SNAP

August 13, 2013: FRAC Applauds Democratic House Members for Protecting SNAP

August 12, 2013: New USDA Report Shows More Adequate SNAP Benefits Reduce Food Insecurity

July 11, 2013: FRAC Statement on House Passage of Partial Farm Bill

June 27, 2013: USDA Announces Nutrition Standards for Snack Foods and Beverages Sold in Schools

June 20, 2013: FRAC Applauds House for Voting Against Farm Bill Containing Harmful SNAP Provisions

June 17, 2013: FRAC Applauds New Proposed Legislation to Strengthen SNAP Benefits

June 11, 2013: Food Research and Action Center Expresses Disappointment with Senate Farm Bill Cutting SNAP Benefits

June 10, 2013: New FRAC Report Finds Summer Meals Continue to Fall Short

May 16, 2013: FRAC Statement on SNAP Cuts in Agiculture Committee Versions of the Farm Bill

May 9, 2013: Americans Continue to Voice Strong Support for SNAP and Strong Opposition to Cuts

May 3, 2013: One-third of Senate signs letter in support of SNAP

April 25, 2013: “Treme” star Wendell Pierce joins farmers, anti-hunger and food advocates to press Congress for healthy food and healthy economies (pdf)

April 10, 2013: President Obama’s FY2014 Budget Supports Nutrition Programs; Includes Continued ARRA Boost

April 4, 2013: Sen. Gillibrand urges colleagues to sign letter supporting SNAP (pdf); see also Gillibrand’s Dear Colleague letter (pdf)

March 21, 2013: FRAC Statement: Job Growth is Consistent and Smart Strategy to Help Struggling Americans

March 12, 2013: FRAC Statement: FY2014 Ryan Budget Proposes to Increase Poverty and Hunger, Injure Health and Learning

February 28, 2013: More than One in Six Americans Report Inability to Afford Enough Food

February 26, 2013: Strengthening SNAP must be a priority for US (Jim Weill op-ed in The Hill)

February 19, 2013: Too Many of Florida’s Students Start the Day without Breakfast – Increasing Breakfast Participation be Must Priority (pdf)

February 1, 2013: USDA Issues Proposed Rule on Snack Foods and Beverages Sold in Schools

January 30, 2013: New Brief from FRAC Explores Research on Critical Role SNAP Plays in Improving Health

January 17, 2013: FRAC Statement: New IOM Report Outlines Steps to Address Benefit Adequacy

January 15, 2013: School Breakfast Participation Hits Two Major Milestones, Finds FRAC Report

January 3, 2013: FRAC’s analysis of the American Taxpayer Relief Act