FY2015 Budget

President’s FY 2015 Budget
On March 4th, President Obama released his FY2015 budget. The budget protects the nutrition safety net and helps to decrease the poverty of millions of workers. The budget provides $6.82 billion for the WIC program, including $150 million for the contingency fund, to support the participation of 8.7 million women, infants, and children in WIC. Funding is provided to support updates to the WIC food packages to better reflect current nutrition science and dietary recommendations, and provide WIC state agencies greater flexibility in prescribing food packages to accommodate participants with cultural food preferences.

The budget also extends the improvements in the Child Tax Credit (CTC) and the Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC) that were passed in the 2009 Recovery Act. Additionally, it strengthens the EITC for childless adults who work, benefiting 13.5 million adults and lifting 500,000 out of poverty.

Resources for the President’s Budget

On March 12, the House Progressive Caucus unveiled its FY2015 budget. The ‘Better off Budget’ reverses cuts to the SNAP program that were included in the recent Farm Bill. For more information, click here.