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Each year, Congress and the Administration must go through the budget and appropriations process to determine the spending levels for each of the federal government’s departments, agencies and programs.

In this process, FRAC’s top legislative priority is protecting and expanding the federal nutrition programs and other key supports for low-income and vulnerable people. Significant actions in both the budget and appropriations debate occur throughout the year, so it’s crucial to stay involved and urge your Members to support federal nutrition programs.

This section will give you more information about the budget and appropriations process, analysis of key budget and appropriations proposals, and how you can get involved in protecting and expanding our nation’s nutrition safety net.

Currently on the Hill…

May 19th- The Senate Appropriations Committee approved a $21.25 billion spending bill that would fund the federal nutrition programs for FY2017. For more details, click here.

April 12- The House Appropriations Committee released its FY2017 Agriculture Appropriations bill. To watch the markup of the bill from April 13, click here and to read the Committee’s press release about the bill, click here. For FRAC’s full analysis of the bill, visit the Appropriations page.

March 17- FRAC releases statement on FY2017 House Budget ResolutionHouse Budget Committee Resolution Would Block Grant and Cut SNAP, Making Hunger in America Far Worse.

  • The FY2017 Budget Resolution was voted out of the House Budget Committee on March 16. For more details about the resolution, visit the House Budget Committee’s website.

March 16- The Senate Judiciary Committee held a hearing on a Balanced Budget Amendment (BBA) and action could come to the Senate floor before Congress leaves for July conventions. Leading economists sent this letter to President Obama and leadership in both the House and Senate urging them to reject any proposals to add an annual balanced budget amendment to the U.S. Constitution and outlining why a BBA would be so harmful to the economy and the ability for federal safety net programs- like SNAP- to respond to the need when the economy weakens.

March 15- Representative Elizabeth Esty (D-CT), along with 66 House Democrats, sent this letter (pdf) to the Chairman and Ranking Member of the House Appropriations Subcommittee on Agriculture, Rural Development, Food and Drug Administration, and Related Agencies requesting $50 million to fund and expand the USDA’s Summer EBT demonstration project. For more information, read FRAC’s Call to Congress piece on Summer EBT (pdf).

March 9- In an effort to protect the funding authorized in the 2014 Farm Bill, FRAC and over 250 organizations, representing America’s agriculture, nutrition, conservation, rural development, finance, forestry, energy, trade, local government, labor, equipment manufacturing and crop insurance sectors, sent this letter strongly urging both the House and Senate Budget and Appropriations Committees to reject calls for additional cuts to programs within the jurisdiction of the House and Senate Agriculture Committees. For more information on FRAC’s FY2017 Budget and Appropriations Priorities, click here.