Budget and Appropriations

Each year, Congress and the Administration must go through the budget and appropriations process to determine the spending levels for each of the federal government’s departments, agencies and programs.

In this process, FRAC’s top legislative priority is protecting and expanding the federal nutrition programs and other key supports for low-income and vulnerable people. Significant actions in both the budget and appropriations debate occur throughout the year, so it’s crucial to stay involved and urge your Members to support federal nutrition programs.

This section will give you more information about the budget and appropriations process, analysis of key budget and appropriations proposals, and how you can get involved in protecting and expanding our nation’s nutrition safety net.

Congress is currently considering proposals to limit spending and reduce the deficit. Some of the proposals would lock in distorted budget priorities and seriously impede programs like SNAP/Food Stamps from providing critical support to low-income and vulnerable people.

Currently on the Hill….

As of July 16th, the House and Senate Appropriations Committees have both passed FY2016 Agriculture Appropriation Bills. Click here  for more details on the appropriation bills. Timeline for either bill to go to the floor in either the House or Senate has yet to be determined, but the President will veto any appropriations bills that come to his desk while the ‘sequestration’ cuts for FY16 are still in place. To learn more, click here.