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There are many ways that you can engage your community and elected officials in the fight against hunger. Whether it is inviting your Member of Congress to a School Breakfast Program, visiting their D.C. or district offices, organizing a SNAP Challenge or learning to use social media effectively, FRAC provides resources on how to become an advocate in your community.

Set up meetings in D.C. or in-district with your Members of Congress and their offices

Having meetings at the offices of your Members of Congress, even if you only meet with staff, is one of the best ways to make sure your elected officials know what their constituents care about, and just how many of them care about it. FRAC has created resources to help you plan, organize, execute, and follow up a successful lobbying meeting.

Invite Your Member of Congress to Work

Inviting Members of Congress to visit Child Nutrition program or SNAP sites in their state or district is a powerful way to engage them. By witnessing the programs first hand, Members can see the vital importance of these investments in their communities. FRAC has created resources to help you identify a site, prepare for the visit, craft a message, work with the media, and follow up with your Member after the visit.

Organize a Paper Plate or Post Card Campaign

Paper Plate and Post Card Campaigns can effectively engage large numbers of people with minimal cost or time commitment. They are meant to capture the personal stories of constituents and send a clear message to legislators about what they think should be done to end hunger and why the federal nutrition programs are vital to your community.

You can make a photo album highlighting your organization’s work and pictures from a federal nutrition program in action. Schedule a meeting with your elected official and/or staff to discuss your priorities to deliver the photo album. You can make a photo album from digital photos online from many different sites.

Take the SNAP Challenge

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The SNAP/Food Stamp Challenge is a way to gain a personal understanding and raise awareness of what it means to live on SNAP. Participants spend a week living on the average daily food stamp benefit (about $4 per day) and share their experiences about the difficult choices they have to make.

By hosting a Challenge, advocates can help raise awareness of hunger in your community and the need to keep SNAP strong. FRAC has developed a toolkit and sample materials for you to use in creating your Challenge. You can customize these materials with your logo and community data. If you need further assistance, contact Kate Sims (

Host a Community Call

A community call helps advocates with limited travel budgets communicate anti-hunger messages to Members of Congress. Members of Congress appreciate the opportunity to meet in the comfort of their Capitol Hill office with constituents, and advocates get the opportunity to bring together a diverse group of stakeholders who represent the concerns of low-income individuals living in the district.