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Child Nutrition Reauthorization (CNR)

For the latest status of the bill, click here.

Contact Members of the House Education and Workforce Committee letting them know your outrage and opposition to the committee passed bill (H.R.5003)- especially the NEW block grant provision that was added just prior to markup and remained in tact despite efforts by Democrats to strike the provision. To read FRAC’s updated analysis of the bill, click here.

Share signatories of over 750 orgs signed-on to letter opposing House CNR bill. Join over 750 national, state, and local organizations and become a part of a nationwide campaign to oppose the bill. The list of signatories was shared on May 17th with the member offices of the House Education and Workforce Committee in preparation for “mark up” of the bill on May 18th.

Share the FRAC/CBPP community eligibility report (pdf) with your Members of Congress. The House Child Nutrition Reauthorization bill (H.R. 5003) that was voted out of committee on May 18th would weaken community eligibility by raising the percentage of identified student threshold from 40 to 60 percent. This report demonstrates the effectiveness of the program. Additional resources include a searchable database for eligible and participating community eligibility schools, and maps. Also see FRAC Facts – Community Eligibility: Less Red Tape and Stronger School Nutrition Programs (pdf) and FRAC Facts: Implications of House Child Nutrition Bill on Community Eligibility (pdf).

Other Actions to Take

Tweet @ Your Members of Congress! Use this document to help find their twitter handles.

Urge your Members of Congress to reject any proposals to add an annual balanced budget amendment (BBA) to the U.S. Constitution. See sample tweet of the week. For more information, visit the Budget & Appropriations page.

Urge your Members of Congress to vote no on draconian FY2017 House Budget Resolution. For sample tweets and to read FRAC’s statement about the resolution, click here.

SNAP Priority Asks: Contact Members of Congress 1) thank those who signed on to DeLauro/Adams letter (pdf) opposing efforts to weaken SNAP’s structure or benefits and instead 2) ask them to cosponsor bills to raise SNAP benefit levels (H.R. 3657) and to ameliorate the harsh SNAP time limits on certain jobless adults (S. 2420 and H.R. 1025).  For more information on these bills, see the Bills We’re Watching page.

Individuals: Sign our petition telling Congress you want an end to hunger in America, not ill-considered budget proposals that would cut SNAP and – as a result — increase hunger.

On the Hill

The House Education and Workforce Committee voted its CNR bill (H.R. 5003) out of committee on May 18th- after a seven hour hearing in which 31 amendments were considered- watch the recorded webcast here and read more about the amendments here.

The Senate Appropriations Committee unanimously approved a $21.25 billion agriculture spending bill on May 19th that would fund the federal nutrition programs for FY2017. For more details, click here.

The House Education and Workforce Committee releases CNR bill (H.R. 5003) – see FRAC’s statement opposing the bill and full analysis.

FRAC releases statement on FY2017 House Budget Resolution: House Budget Committee Resolution Would Block Grant and Cut SNAP, Making Hunger in America Far Worse

Reps. DeLauro (D-CT) and Adams (D-NC) are circulating a Dear Colleague letter (pdf) to House leadership outlining SNAP Program strengths and warning against changes to program that weaken its effectiveness.

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