Ending Childhood Hunger by 2015

Strategies for Achieving the President’s Goal

During the 2008 campaign, Barack Obama announced a goal of of ending childhood hunger in America by the year 2015. Since taking office, President Obama, U.S. Department of Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack, and other members of the Administration have reiterated that commitment.

FRAC has set out seven essential strategies in Ending Childhood Hunger by 2015: The Essential Strategies for Achieving the President’s Goal (pdf). They focus both on improving and expanding the nation’s nutrition programs, and bolstering the economy and strengthening supports for working families in order to move more out of poverty, the root cause of hunger in this country.

In brief, the seven strategies are:

  • Restore economic growth and create jobs with better wages for lower-income workers.
  • Raise the incomes of the lowest-income families.
  • Strengthen the SNAP/Food Stamp Program.
  • Strengthen Child Nutrition Programs.
  • Engage the entire federal government in ending childhood hunger.
  • Work with states, localities and nonprofits to expand and improve participation in federal nutrition programs.
  • Make sure all families have convenient access to reasonably priced, healthy food.

More information on the strategies can be found in the FRAC paper.

“As a nation, we can and must reach this critically important goal of eradicating childhood hunger,” said Jim Weill, FRAC president. “President Obama made this a campaign pledge and his administration has re-committed itself to making sure all children are well fed each day. That will also mean healthier, better educated children with brighter futures. This paper outlines a realistic strategy for accomplishing the goal.”

“The Obama Administration takes the 2015 commitment seriously, and it is incumbent on the rest of us – members of Congress, governors, other public officials, anti-hunger advocates, faith-based institutions, child advocates, business, labor, and service providers – to do so as well,” Weill said.

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