Building Better Nutrition Programs

Tens of millions of people rely on the federal nutrition programs each day to help them feed themselves and their families. These programs are miracles of public policy – they fight hunger, improve nutrition, provide economic stability, and combat obesity.

These attributes have earned the nutrition programs broad bipartisan public and policymaker support that makes further gains possible. In its article, “10 Successes [and] 10 Challenges in American Society,” the National Journal describes the SNAP/Food Stamp program as “a government reform that worked.”

To build better nutrition programs, FRAC works at the national, state and local level to make needed policy changes and to improve awareness of options that can broaden participation and improve benefits. These are all key steps toward the goal of ending hunger and improving nutrition, but FRAC also believes that it is important to examine the federal nutrition programs and the role they play in improving the quality of people’s lives.

This section of our website explores cross-cutting issues that particularly impact low-income individuals and delves into the interrelationships between these issues and hunger in America.  It focuses on bold initiatives that will make a long-lasting impact on the most vulnerable in our society – children and seniors.  It highlights the relationship between poverty and hunger and the need for a holistic approach to addressing this.  And it examines topics such as hunger and obesity to disband misconceptions that hinder understanding of the impact of federal nutrition programs on these issues.