Making WIC Work in Multicultural Communities

Making WIC Work for Multicultural Communities: Best Practices in Outreach and Nutrition Education (full publication pdf)

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This guide highlights successful outreach strategies and nutrition education methods for making WIC work in multicultural communities. These include effective best practices for targeting hard-to-reach communities, addressing language barriers and emphasizing quality services and participant access. In addition, FRAC’s national WIC survey results provide an overview of WIC outreach and nutrition education efforts to WIC participants of all cultural backgrounds.

WIC Cultural Competency Components Checklist (pdf)

Time for a Change Guide: Maximizing the Benefits of the New WIC Foods for Immigrant Families (pdf)
focuses on meeting the needs of immigrant communities through the planning, implementation and evaluation of the new WIC food package.

See FRAC’s New WIC Food Package Toolkit for more resources.

Webinar: Making the Most of the New WIC Foods for Multicultural Communities
This popular webinar was held twice to capacity audiences composed of advocates, members of immigrant groups and organizations, WIC associations, faith-based organizations, farmers markets, service providers, child care providers, migrant Head Start staff, and food bankers.

The webinar goal was to ensure that participants: gained an understanding of the new WIC food package, including the healthy culturally appropriate food options; recognized the enormous potential of the new WIC food package for generating good health and respecting cultural food practices; and identified opportunities for being part of maximizing the benefits of the new WIC food package in their multi-cultural communities.

This webinar featured very informative presentations by expert speakers from the U.S. Department of Agriculture, the National Council of La Raza, the Migrant Legal Action Program, the California WIC Program, National WIC Association and the District of Columbia WIC Program.

Presentations (pdf):