New Food Package Toolkit

The new WIC food package improves the health and nutritional quality of the foods in the program, increases participants’ choices, and expands cultural food options by offering fruits and vegetables, whole grain bread (with the option to substitute whole grain tortillas, rice or other grains) and the option of soymilk and tofu.

This toolkit provides tools, information and resources to help you work effectively to maximize the value of the new WIC food package in your city or state. The new WIC food package has the potential to play a vitally important role in helping state and local efforts to:

  • Create healthy low-income communities and reducing overweight and obesity,
  • Open up access to healthy foods in low-income communities, and
  • Protect families and children from food insecurity.

Basic Information on the New Food Package:

State and Local Food Package Advisory Councils:

WIC advisory councils can help ensure the success of the new WIC food package by bringing a diversity of voices and support to the food package planning and implementation process.

WIC advisory councils fact sheet (pdf)


District of Columbia

WIC Advisory Board


Flyers, Factsheets and Other Materials

WIC Participant Surveys:

Surveys to establish WIC participant preferences, attitudes, and shopping and consumption habits as they relate to the new foods and food package changes will be key to an effective planning and implementation process.

USDA Information:

Additional Resources