Summer Nutrition Toolkit

It’s never too early to get ready for summer! Organizations can start outreach at the beginning of the year by recruiting sponsors and working with sites. Plus, it’s important to make sure that schools, local government agencies, and private nonprofit organizations know that a number of improvements have been made to the Summer Nutrition Programs recently to reduce administrative and paperwork requirements. Now, they can focus on what really matters — feeding hungry children during the summer months.

FRAC has developed the following toolkit to help groups with outreach. For more information on the Summer Nutrition Program, make sure to visit the Summer Funding section of this website.

Fact Sheet – The Summer Food Service Program (pdf)
Share this fact sheet with potential sponsors, advocates or policymakers. You can customize it for your state by downloading the Microsoft Word version.

Outreach Tips – Getting Good Nutrition to Children during the Summer: Tips for Increasing Participation in the Summer Nutrition Programs (pdf)
A guide for developing an outreach plan, with action steps for groups to take.

Letter to Potential Sponsors
Send this letter (MSWord) to inform sponsors about the Summer Food Program.

Staying in the Black: Tips for Operating a Cost-Effective Summer Food Program (pdf)
Helpful suggestions for groups on how to manage costs.

Summer Food Outreach Brochure (pdf)
A brochure on the basics of summer food. You can customize it for your community by downloading the Microsoft Publisher version.

Outreach Flyer for Sites – Serve Healthy Meals to Children at your Summer Program: Become a Summer Food Site (pdf)
Share this flyer with summer programs and encourage them to be a Simplified site under a larger sponsor. You can customize it by downloading the Microsoft Word version.

Free Summer Meals Flyer
Distribute these flyers (MSWord) to children and families to increase awareness of Summer Food.

Model Newsletter Articles for:
General Audiences (pdf) Customize by downloading the Microsoft Word version
Faith-Based Communities (pdf) Microsoft Word version
Local Governments (pdf) Microsoft Word version
Nonprofits (pdf) Microsoft Word version
Schools (pdf) Microsoft Word version
Programs in Need of Funding (pdf) Microsoft Word version

State Legislators’ Guide to Promoting Summer Food (pdf)

Summer Food Service Program Best Practices Tool
Designed to support expansion of the Summer Food Service Program, this toolkit was developed as part of the Northeast Collaboration to Reduce Hunger and Improve Nutrition initiative, in collaboration with the Connecticut Association of Human Services, End Hunger Connecticut!, Food Research and Action Center, Hunger Action Network of New York State, Nutrition Consortium of New York State, and Vermont Campaign to End Childhood Hunger and Project Bread.