Local School Wellness Policies

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All schools participating in the school meal programs must develop and implement a local school wellness policy.

The wellness policy must address:

  • goals for nutrition education
  • goals for physical activity
  • nutrition guidelines for all foods available at school
  • goals for other school-based activities designed to promote student wellness
  • plans for evaluating implementation of the policy

School wellness policies are an important tool to address obesity and promote healthy eating and physical activity through changes in school environments.

FRAC’s School Wellness Policy Guide

School Wellness Policy and Practice: Meeting the Needs of Low-Income Students (see box)  is a guide for anti-hunger advocates, parents and school community leaders that addresses the special concerns of low-income students in local school wellness policies. The guide provides sample policies, model programs and key research information that are important tools to address the nutrition concerns of low-income children and communities in the development of school wellness policies. The guide is intended to supplement the many existing tools available for designing and implementing school wellness policies, by providing strategies that address the unique needs of low-income students, families and communities.