Child Care Food Program Wellness Tool Kit

Improving Nutrition and Promoting Wellness in Child Care With CACFP (pdf)

CACFP Enhanced Nutrition Standards Nutrition and Wellness State Agency Survey Results (pdf)

CACFP Nutrition and Wellness State Agency Survey Summary (pdf)

The Child Care Wellness Tool Kit: Child and Adult Care Food Program (CACFP) is for advocates, state child care subsidy, CACFP and licensing agencies, state and local health promotion and obesity prevention initiatives, child care providers, policy makers and other key stakeholders. This tool kit can be used to support nutrition and wellness requirements in the Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act. The tool kit focuses on innovative and effective CACFP best practices and strategies for implementing good nutrition and physical activity policies and standards at the state and local level. This is the first phase of the tool kit, which includes

  • Model wellness policies reflecting important best practices including:- Nutrition standards for assuring only healthy meals and snacks fully consistent with current nutritional science and the U.S. Dietary Guidelines are served.
    – A recommended minimum for the amount of daily physical activity, recommended types of activities, and limitations on the amount of time spent watching TV or videos.
    – Plans for nutrition and physical activity education for children, teachers and parents.
  • Best practice models that provide the steps to success for developing and implementing effective new nutrition and wellness policies on the state or local level. (e.g., recommendations for stakeholders to include in the process and for factors to consider before creating the wellness policy.)
  • Tools for assessing the current nutrition and physical activity environment in child care settings including a sample self-assessment and a complicated evaluation tool.
  • Nutrition and physical activity resources for child care providers including materials to share with parents such as newsletters or fact sheets.

Documents are pdf unless otherwise noted.

State CACFP Nutrition and Wellness Initiatives





District of Columbia

D.C. Office of the State Superintendent of Education (OSSE) State Agency Memos:

OSSE Nutrition Standards for CACFP Flyers:

OSSE Parent Postcards




New Hampshire

Promoting Nutrition and Physical Activity through Education in New Hampshire CACFP

New York

New York City

North Carolina

South Dakota


West Virginia

FRAC CACFP Best Practice Case Study – West Virginia Child Care Takes a “Leap of Taste” (pdf)
Leap of Taste Standards of Child Nutrition Guidebook (pdf)


Local CACFP Nutrition and Wellness Initiatives

CentroNía: A Best Practice in DC

Ohio’s Children’s Hunger Alliance CARES about Nutrition and Physical Activity

Partnership for Children’s Child Care Nutrition Consultation Project in Durham, North Carolina

Creating a Healthy Environment in Sacramento County, CA

Shasta County Healthy Beginnings

Contra Costa Child Care Council Improves Nutrition and Physical Activity in Child Care

Farm to Child Care Initiatives

Child Care Wellness Policies

Iowa Quality Rating System includes CACFP Participation Criteria

State Efforts to Address Obesity Prevention in Child Care Quality Rating and Improvement Systems

Gold Sneaker Initiative, Tennessee Department of Health (Web page)

Growing Healthy Children – A guide to enhance nutrition and physical activity in New York City group child care centers

Self Assessment Tools

Child Care Nutrition and Physical Activity Self Assessment Questionnaire

Nutrition and Physical Activity Self Assessment for Child Care

Children’s Food Environment State Indicator Report, 2011

CDC Report: Children’s Food Environment State Indicator Report, 2011 (pdf)

Nutrition and Physical Activity Resources

(Web pages unless otherwise noted.)

USDA-HHS publication, Nutrition and Wellness Tips for Young Children: Provider Handbook for the Child and Adult Care Food Program!

Team Nutrition CACFP Wellness Resources Web site

My Plate for Preschoolers

Minute Menu Day Care Software

Color Me Healthy

I am Moving, I am Learning

USDA Choose My Plate – Daily Food Plan for Preschoolers

USDA Team Nutrition

Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program Nutrition Education (SNAP-Ed)

Addressing Childhood Obesity Prevention Through State Child Care Licensing Regulations

Illinois Nutrition Education and Training: Healthy Childcare

Let’s Move Childcare


USDA, State and Local Spanish Materials